Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chore Card Score

I'm not really one to give parenting advice. I'm too humbled by parenting my kidlets to feel I have the answer to any parenting dilemma. But (you knew that would be followed by a BUT and me giving advice anyway, right?), I feel like I've hit upon something that folks might find vaguely useful. After reading a section on Pioneer Woman's blog, this chore card idea sounded interesting. I created cards with one chore apiece which are set out for my boys to see in the morning. After they complete a card, they put it away in a little basket. If, by the end of the day, there are no more cards out, they get a sticker. Seven stickers grants them their allowance (or seven checks b/c my oldest is way too cool for stickers).

There are two reasons I find these better than a chore chart -- pictures and flexibility. My youngest is four and he loves cards, especially ones with a good pic. I quickly scrapped these cards onto a plain index card and added a fun, cartoon picture of the chore which he could understand. He doesn't need me to remind him what job he has, I just tell him to look at his cards. The visual clue is close-up and separated from the confusion of a chart. The second score for these cards is the flexibility. Chores seem so official and set in stone on a chart. With the cards, I grab the chore I need help with, or more important, a chore the kids need to practice or focus on when it's appropriate.

These cards may fall to the wasteside, as have other well-laid plans, but for now it works, and in parenting that's all I ever ask for -- one day at a time!

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