Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Food or Foe?

I am gearing up to make a bunch of yummy Halloween treats for my aunt and uncles big annual Halloween get together, and the following week I'm cooking appetizers for a friend's open house. I get so excited about making a good plate of food, but it certainly was not always this way.
Until a couple years ago, I loathed most cooking. I loved to bake for the kids, but even then, it was mostly decorating cupcakes I enjoyed. This past year I lost a significant amount of weight, but I have never cooked more in my life. Why? Something in my mind and body finally clicked. It was certainly never the food I hated, my butt can attest to that. What I hated was the chore. I saw cooking as a chore. The endless, what's for dinner question drove me insane. When we finally figured out what to eat, I rushed, chowed, and snacked more later. When I eventually made a conscious choice, to truly take the time, enjoying the process and smells and taste and colors - it turns out I LOVE to cook and bake. AND, the added bonus, I usually don't scarf the food down and over-eat, because part of me is satiated from the cooking process itself. It seems so cliche, but once I slowed down and lived in the moment, losing weight and cooking became a joy for me. Don't get me wrong, I am not always so Zen about food! I still have busy-mom drive-thru moments and PMS overindulgence, but food is no longer a foe, and what a relief!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not Quite Yet

This past weekend we headed out for a gorgeous fall outing. I dropped hints that I would love for us to get out and see the fall color before it's gone. So, after some brunch, we headed out to Pere Marquette for a weekend drive and light hiking. The picture above is the view from the top of the bluffs with my littlest on the steps. What an odd feeling to see him practically a kindergartner, ready for all the world in front of him. Me, standing behind, contemplating: the view, my sons, this place where Mr. Pie and I married 13 years ago. Fall brews this bittersweet taste in my mouth each year. The contemplation of things which lie ahead, while remembering moments which have slowly fallen away. I find myself begging the leaves not to fall, not yet, not just yet...but ahhh how good those leaves feel underfoot and how I want my little guy to run and see all that is ahead, just not yet, not quite yet....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ramble Pie Hi

Hello out there in blog land, I'm Ms. Pie. Thought maybe by ramblings on facebook and relentless picture taking (and posting) of food would be put to better use on this blog. I pale in comparison to my favorite foodie, author, and mommy blogs -- but hope to combine a little of each of these genres to my own humble little piece of the pie. Welcome, pull up a chair and stay awhile.