Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog Happy

This is my hallelujah for blogging post. I came to blogging VERY late. I looked at my first blog only a couple years ago, and felt like someone brought me to Disneyland! What? ... there are all these interesting folks out here just writing, creating, sharing, giving, and it's free?? I don't know why I never thought to check it out before. I guess I was busy with kids, life, trying to stop my dog from chewing shoes, who knows, but now that I am in blogland I have to say it is just plain fun. I know many think it a waste of time, and I do think someday it will be added to an addiction list for rehab, but I want to share with all of you what blogs have given me, just in the last month:

-got our pumpkin carving idea from Crafty Crow
-made mini pumpkin pie bites and lollipop pies from Bakerella
-cried and reflected on posts about loss and parenthood from Sweet and Salty Kate and Catherine Newman
-found out Mr. Pie can't live without these Oatcakes
-wasted so much time playing grown-up fashionplates from Polyvore which I found through Angry Chicken just yesterday, and I rarely buy clothes.
-created chore cards for my kidlets based on this advice from Pioneer Woman. I don't homeschool, but PW is so much fun I look at every section, and this time it paid off.
-laughed very hard at WhimsyLove's tacky Christmas sweater search.

And that is just one month. Look at those verbs I used: got, made, added, cried, found, wasted, created, laughed. So to all my favorite blogs, the ones here, and to those I've yet to find, I say "THANK YOU!"


  1. Hey Amy!

    The kids and I just made a batch of those oatcakes - I am afraid that there won't be any left for Mike unless he gets home unseasonably early! I was thinking that they would be fun to cut in to diamonds with a pizza cutter and dip in chocolate to add to our holiday cookie baking.
    I love being able to let the kids have more when I know that it is something healthy!

  2. Those are so yummy aren't they. We tried some other shapes ourselves,but the oatmeal falls apart if there are pointy parts involved. I do love the chocolate idea! Thanks for checking out the blog, it's usually just crickets here, but I do it just for fun anyway. -Amy