Monday, November 9, 2009


My little guy often gives me food for thought on the short walk to pick up his big brother from second grade. It is one of the joys of living so close to the grade school, these little snippets of time where the boys talk in easy, fluid stories. Today he found one of the last dandelions of the season. He can't resist blowing the seeds into the wind and he has always been a wish-maker of the highest order. He plucked, blew, made his silent wish and on we went. When we were at the doorstep of the school, he looks back at me and says "Mommy, after you wish, do you just let it go?" He meant the remains of the dandelion stem, but the question struck me on a much different level. Yes, what do we do after?? After we wish, after we pray, after we've done what we can do, how many of us just let it go? We can control the actions but not the outcomes, and anything less than letting go creates pain and anxiety. So my answer to the little man is "Yes, Absolutely! Make those wishes, dream those dreams, and when you've done what you can to make them come true ... just. let. them. go."

On a lighter note, you remember those little chore cards of yesterday's post, today the kidlets told me I should have a chore card to remind me to clean my stuff off the kitchen table. Like I said, parenting is humbling!

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